Wellbeing Physiotherapy

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Using a holistic approach to physiotherapy I view each patient as a whole rather than just addressing a single symptom or condition to be treated. I have a wide variety of treatment options available to offer you in the comfort of your home or in a clinic room if you prefer.

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I am fully trained in Western and Traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture at Masters level. I can rebalance both physical and emotional issues using true acupuncture or aligned techniques. I am registered with local authorities for mobile acupuncture practice and fully insured.

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Self help management- acupressure is a non invasive self help technique which can be shown to you to supplement , enhance or replace acupuncture treatments. It is simple to learn, effective and cost free in the long term!

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Exercise & Rehabilitation

Regular exercise has many known benefits to everybody. I can prescribe an appropriate exercise or rehabilitation programme for you regardless of your medical or physical condition. This can be in your own home, at my clinic or in my Move It or Lose It exercise classes.


Kind and gentle

A series of failed surgical attempts to treat an abdominal problem shattered my self-confidence and left me frightened to face further treatment.

A friend recommended JB Wellbeing and Jeanne suggested a course of acupuncture treatments.

The thought of having needles puncturing my body concerned me, but Jeanne’s approach was so kind and gentle that the entire experience was relaxing and, after a series of sessions, my self-confidence had returned and I was able to face my remaining surgery with a calm and robust attitude.

Well done Jeanne.

Katie P.

Caring and loving

Jeanne was recommended as a physiotherapist who would be able to help my elderly mother make the best of her greatly reduced mobility but she turned out to be so much more than that.

In particular, calling on her acupuncture training, she was able to alleviate pain and discomfort and even supply an energy boost when required. All of this in the context of a caring and loving personal relationship that was a huge help to us all.

Thank you so much Jeanne.

Ian H

Magic fingers

Jeanne is very knowledgeable and professional. Her magic fingers and needles work every time leaving me feeling refreshed and most importantly pain free!

I am always amazed at how quickly I feel the benefit of having a treatment with Jeanne.


Hot Flushes

As part of my treatment for Prostate Cancer I was receiving Hormone Therapy. The oncologist warned me that this treatment could result in “Hot Flushes”.  It did!

Whilst not life threatening, these symptoms were hugely uncomfortable, inconvenient and often embarrassing. I was advised that there was evidence that acupuncture could assist, and so I contacted Jeanne.

A series of acupuncture sessions proved to be significantly helpful and, over the period of the hormone treatment, resulted in a marked reduction in both severity and frequency of these flushes and night sweats making my life considerably more bearable.

Thank you Jeanne.